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Translation Project Management | Internship abroad

Global Voices Ltd.

Global Voices Internship Programme | Translation

Every year, Global Voices can offer a select few top-performing graduates and university student place-ments at our head office in Stirling, Scotland, United Kingdom, in order to train and develop talent. You’ll gain behind the scenes experience of how an incredibly successful company operates, and you’ll get the chance to learn from experienced leaders in various departments.

Global Voices has gained a reputation for teaching graduates highly regarded skills, and giving valuable experience at a prestigious, and well-respected company.

We use the Global Voices Internship Programme to educate, but also to look out for top-performing indi-viduals who are looking for a career! During your internship you may be given the opportunity to move into the Future Leaders Programme (depending on availability) should you wish to consider a career with us. You’ll also be given the chance to win a brand-new Apple iPad!

Details of the Programme
Translation Department
Contacting linguists for translation projects, assisting the project manager in coordinating both large and small projects, formatting, reviewing and working with various software that aid project management.

Please note that Translation interns do not perform the translations themselves but assist with Project Man-agers in the above tasks.

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Global Voices is one of Europe’s fastest growing LSPs (Language Service Providers)
supporting blueship companies realise their global reach through our translation and
interpretation services.

Established in 2004, the GV group is now a top player within a fast growing industry.
Our network of over 5000 linguists around the world allow us to deliver communication
services in more than 140 languages.

With an enviable reputation for expertise and quality of service, Global Voices has developed
outstanding leaders who team up to deliver what we promise. We play a critical
role in building a better working world for our team, our clients and our communities.